Intrapersonal Intelligence


Intrapersonal Intelligence is one of the 9 intelligences defined under Gardner’s multiple intelligences. People born with intrapersonal intelligence are high on self awareness. These people understand themselves better and can put up strong stands when it comes to making decisions.  Individuals with intrapersonal intelligence are day dreamers, who like to explore themselves and do a lot of self reflection in order to attain satisfaction in life.

Intrapersonal skills are as important as interpersonal skills in today life. A person needs to know himself better so that he doesn’t get lost in the demanding corporate world. A lot of characteristics associated with intrapersonal skills are opposite to that of the interpersonal skills. But a smart person has to balance both the intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence in the right amount in order to achieve success.

Intrapersonal Intelligence – Characteristics

  1. Introvert
  2. Good in Self Analysis
  3. Knows Strengths and Weaknesses
  4. Perfectionist
  5. Intuitive
  6. Independent
  7. Day Dreamer
  8. Inclination towards Self Employment

Intrapersonal intelligence comes in handy when choosing a successful career. It is very common to find people caught up in the wrong job. But how do they end up so? The answer lies in lack of self awareness. Most kids choose careers under peer pressure or parental pressure and end up doing a job that does not interest them. And this is where Intrapersonal intelligence comes into the picture. Handling peer pressure and parental pressure becomes very easy when a kid is aware of his own wishes and he knows exactly what his interests are. Following are some of the Intrapersonal Intelligence Careers.

  1. Scientist
  2. Philosopher
  3. Author
  4. Theorist

This list points to just a few jobs that a person with intrapersonal intelligence can excel in. An individual born with this intelligence can be good in other things too, it’s just the matter of knowing and being sure. It helps if the type intelligence of the kid is discovered in a very early age so that he/she can be provided with the right education. There are various Intrapersonal Intelligence Tests that can help a person find out if they really possess this skill.

Famous People with Intrapersonal Intelligence

Some very famous people with intrapersonal intelligence are who possessed intrapersonal intelligence and knowingly/unknowingly used it to reach the top are:

  1. Albert Einstein
  2. Cleopatra
  3. Anne Frank
  4. Aristotle

These great minds are just a few examples of interpersonal intelligence. There are many such people who are blessed with this intelligence and have used it to the optimum. But what about the people who aren’t born with it? As already mentioned intrapersonal skills need to be acquired in some form or the other to be successful in life, at every level.

Self analysis is something that cannot be taught, but one can be certainly encouraged to practice it and use the results for the betterment of the future. Children should be taught self analysis at a very early age and this can genuinely alter their life path. DMIT tests can easily point out the intelligence the child is good in and more and more parents should get this done for their kids.

DMIT has opened a new level of awareness. Before Gardner gave the concept of Multiple Intelligence, education and career were chosen in a very systematic way. But now that we have the option, parents and teachers should understand its importance and guide the children towards a bright future.


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