Disadvantages of Choosing the Wrong Career

“I am so bored of life, there is no zeal, no passion, I am wasting my time”. Is this the statement that you wake up with every morning? If yes, then you are definitely caught in the wrong job my friend. But what is a wrong. Most of us do not understand what this means. A wrong job is not the one that is not paying you well or is not offering you growth. A wrong job is actually the one that doesn’t interest you and takes extra effort from you to perform.

bored at work

Most of us today, work for money. Passions and hobbies remain just that through the life and in the 90% of cases, are even forgotten for forever. What we don’t understand is that our mind is a very complex machine and for it, satisfaction is a huge factor, which doesn’t obviously come from money. So, where do you go look for it? start at home. Make a schedule that supports your personality, marry the right person, follow your heart, eat healthy and yes, choose your career wisely. There are a lot of disadvantages associated with a wrong career, which we over look at times. It not just hinders your growth as a person but also puts a negative effect on other aspects of your life, like your personality, your behavior with other people, your take on life, etc.

Disadvantages of Choosing the Wrong Career

When you work hard week after week with no results, obviously frustration sets in. Hard work needs results but did you know there is no need to toil and sweat when you have chosen the right job. When you take up your passion as your career, life becomes way too smooth to sail and achieve success. But it is not an easy task to find out what your talent is and what will earn you bread and butter on a regular basis. Because sometimes, talent may not earn you anything at all too.

  1. Dissatisfaction – this is the most unsettling disadvantage of choosing the wrong career. The constant sensation of being in the wrong place will eat away all your piece of mind and won’t let you sleep till you make some life changing decisions.
  2. Failure – This will be the most disappointing outcome of choosing a wrong career. Success does not come easy in the jobs that do not suit you. Most of us fail to notice that success lies where your heart is. If you are dragging your feet to office every day, you are definitely not their star performer.
  3. Monday Morning Blues – When doing the wrong job, nothing will be scarier than the thought of going to work on a Monday morning. Monday mornings will give you nightmares.
  4. Slow Growth – You don’t have to be a hot shot scientist to realize that a job you don’t love, won’t give you much of name and fame.
  5. Depression – Depression is the common outcome of dissatisfaction, failure and all things negative in life. If you are not doing good career wise, you will end up being depressed and this will start affecting the other aspects of your life as well.

How DMIT can Help in Choosing the Right Career

DMIT is a test that essentially maps the brain of the person in relation to his skills and abilities. The detailed DMIT report talks about the basic skills that a person is born with hence, pinpointing the inborn talent of the person. It has been scientifically proven that when a person works on his innate talent, success comes in very easy. That is because the person is naturally good in that particular field and hence, can perform effortlessly.

DMIT can

  1. Can point to the perfect career options.
  2. Can explain the reason behind failures at work.
  3. Can solve the conflicts on the relationship front.
  4. Can help find the inborn talent that brings in mental peace.
  5. Can solve common childhood problems like under performance at school.
  6. Can find out a hobby that can be practiced along with the busy schedules.

And the list goes on.

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