Left Brain Right Brain

Is there really a left and right side of the brain? No, actually it is more of a theory than a fact. Actually, the human brain is divided into 2 parts and is connected by Corpus Collosum. Scientific experiments have found out that there are different tasks attributed to both the hemispheres and also there are many tasks that are performed when both of them work together. So, theoretically there is a left brain and right brain, but professionals don’t talk in those terms.


It is commonly agreed that both the hemispheres of our brain are responsible for various attributes and skills but now there are enough proofs to put up the point that most of the time they work together for a better us. There are aspects though that individualize the two sides and associate them with particular behaviors we show. Experiments have clearly pinpointed which part of our brain takes care of the language, which is attributed to the memories and so on.

Let us discuss in detail, the left and the right brain functions, that are theoretically accepted. To begin with let’s talk about the left brain which is more of the logical part.

Left Brain Functions

  1. Language Skills
  2. Logical reasoning
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Mathematical Skills
  5. Reasoning

The right side of our brain is more of the creative engine. This side is the one that takes care of our emotions and supports our artistic side. The skills usually associated with right brain are:

Right Brain Functions

  1. Emotions
  2. Musical skills
  3. Identifying Faces
  4. Recognizing Colors and Images
  5. Intuition
  6. Creativity

It is a well known fact that out brain has various parts and each part is responsible for some task or the other and the concept of left and right brain has been rendered baseless. But people still prefer to talk in terms of the sides because of its popularity and the sure shot proven facts related to the different sides. The left brain right brain notion was more accepted by the psychologist fraternity rather than the neuroscience patrons. The above mentioned are general facts and it is advisable to take them as fun points about our brain rather than the hard core facts.


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